channels in digital marketing

Channels in Digital Marketing

All digital marketing channels play a vital role in the solutions. Mediums that use the internet as a base for connectivity that helps to create, accelerate, and transmit brand or product value from designer to a consumer terminal

Different Channels of Digital Marketing

This is the mediums that we can use in the digital medium to attract the visitor in the digital world to turn them as a potential smart customer. Make sure you made one stop reach for your customer where customer can find all your product, services, price range, review, special deal, videos of your brand
The following are the different channel in digital marketing that helps to provide digital service to our customer

local directory

Local Directory contains a list of business within a particular location or a category. It helps to provide backlink as well as improve your online presence. This contains your business name, address and phone number.
Few local directories are listed for your reference Facebook, Apple Maps, Google My Business, LinkedIn Company Directory, Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, HubSpot, Yellow Pages, Yahoo! Local, Yellow Book. There are many more the list can go on.


Collection of information that grouped and linked to a domain or IP address which is hosted in a web server where user can find it relevant to there needs at any time around the world
There are two types of network Public and private. The public network can be accessed by anyone linked to the World Wide Web. Private has an individual private server only have access to authentic users
The above defines the website in Digital marketing website play an important role which shares the whole story of a Brand. It is a single point where customer can find all product, services, price range, review, special deal, videos of your brand

Content Marketing

Content is the King no doubt in it. All channels run with the relative content to your brand. Content includes text, graphics, image, video etc.

  • Three major things

  • • Answer audience question
    • providing something of value
    • keeping them wanting more.

The Content should be formed in following ways

  • to entertain
  • to inspire
  • to educate and
  • to convince

Affiliated Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows the brand or organization to market towards smaller publishers, and websites with smaller traffic. It helps the brand to reach to niche markets. It is a process of networking to establish the brand
By doing affiliate marketing brand provides commission in return of promoting their products.

There are many affiliate marketing companies like the following

  • Flipkart Affiliate
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • eBay
  • HostGator Affiliate
  • GoDaddy Affiliate
  • MakeMyTrip Affiliate
  • DGM India
  • Shopify
  • SEMRush

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the highly effective marketing strategies, it is a process of sending a promotional message relevant to a brand for a remembrance or creating awareness about the brand to a group of peoples
After creating proper content digital marketers or brand will do email marketing to bring awareness to the content that is available in the market

Display advertising

display advertising can also be named as banner ads, is showcasing your product, services and brand to the consumer. Ads stay distinctly from the website. It can be a static image or video or animation or content that refer to a call to action. Display ads are the process of paid advertising. Brand do keyword targeting to show their ads to relevant viewers.

Mobile Marketing

It is a marketing technique to reach the audience on their smartphones. Mobile responsive design has become more and more important for a developer. Even in this competitive market if the web site is not responsive to mobile the brand will lose its scope on the market. Mobile is wireless media as integrated content delivery and direct response device.

Online PR

Online PR or Digital PR It is a process of building Public relationship with the consumer in the digital medium. It became important for every organization and brand to maintain its PR Public relationship. It helps to understand the voice of the consumer.
It is an effective method to improve the brand's online presence. It is a two-way communication where the customer and the organization can understand their needs

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