digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy is a process of Segmentation In order to target Specific sector in both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer)

Digital Marketing Strategy Template

Digital Marketing dependents on technology which is changing very fast, the same features expected from digital marketing strategies based on the consumer decision journey
We segment it into Three sector ToFU (Top of the funnel),MoFU (Middle of the funnel),BoFU (Bottom of the funnel)


ToFU – Top of the Funnel

At this stage of funnel customer, may aware of your brand or they may have a problem for which they need a solution. At this stage, you need to register strongly that you are the best to give proper solution for their need. As a digital marketer, you need to stand on top when they recall.


Digital marketing plays an important role in creating awareness and some digital channels are more apt for it
EG: Blog Post, Social Media, Infographics, Photographs(images), Digital Magazines, eBooks, Video and Audio podcasts Etc..
At this stage, you should able to Entertain, Educate and Inspire

MoFU – Middle of the Funnel

The big goal for content used in MoFU is to convert the viewers into the lead. Content should be framed in a way to solve a specific problem that exactly matches with the requirement of viewers


This is also known as the consideration stage. In this interest, stage consumer will have a large number of brands in their mind. The consumer considers the brands that they have heard in traditional marketing or in Digital Marketing. It is the process of comparison of a few brands that gives an exact solution to their needs. Interest Can be sparked by running a creative campaign.


It is the evaluation stage the competing choice that places a huge roll in consumer buying decision from reviewers, influencer, specialists, marketers etc... Smart Digital Marketer assist the consumer in the evaluation process by providing comparative analysis, economic value calculation, collecting feedbacks
Consumer buying decision involves in Cs – Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. Many digital marketers follow funnel to educate the customers

BoFU – Bottom Of The Funnel

The final Stage, Convert the lead into potential customers. As a digital marketer, we need to provide a handy resource that people can use to compare products side by side. Eg customer stories, Testimonial. You also need to offer content that helps them decide whether to buy.


In this stage consumer, purchase the product that they desire and prefer. This stage generates revenues for the brand and is the outcome of every digital marketer desire. The website should have a smooth navigation process so that consumers can easily choose the product to buy


If the customer is highly satisfied. They may develop a bond with the brand and purchase repeatedly as influence other buyers by providing a valuable testimonial. They may share their experience in social media and spread the word of mouth

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