What is Keywords

What is Keywords?

“Keyword determines the search terms for which the ads will be shown” Keywords are the combinations of words that helps the user to identify your brand in search engine. It is the key to find your brand.
The search term used by internet surfer to find exactly what they needed in the market. The exact relevant keyword will bring traffic to the site.

Types of keyword

First, find how people say your product to search or find (different people use diff terms)

  1. Frequency (number of times the word is searched)

  2. Competition (look for less competition) use long-tail keyword

  3. Relevance (select the keyword that exactly business deals with)

Long Tail keyword

The long-tail keywords are further classified into three sections Informational, transactional, General. Which has longer phereses and each of them will have only a few hundred searches. So Long Tail Keywords are cost-effective.
Informational – E.g. best smartphone in 2020
Transactional – E.g. buy a graphic card online – buy led tv online (we are making a transaction)
General – E.g. eCommerce WordPress website

Short Tail keyword

The Short tail keywords are further classified into two Navigational, General (navigate to a web site). The short tail is very few and will have millions of monthly search volume. Many players would be interested in them and hence the price is higher
Navigational : E.g. Facebook, amazon the first we will c is facebook.com navigating to the website
General – E.g. WordPress, Ecommerce

Keyword Density

Keyword density is the frequency of a keyword that appears on a webpage. This is calculated in terms of percentage compared to the number of words on that page. High keyword density can be considered as a search engine spam. Where the website will be devalued and then appeared lower down.
Keyword density should be 0.5% to 2.5%
Tools to find Keyword density SEObook. This tool will provide the density of keywords on a web page
SEOtools. This tool will help to find the ranking position of our website inorganically in SERP

Method to find the best Keyword

Competitor Analysis

First Shortlist top 10 competitors of your business, If you are unable to find top 10 Competitor of your business use SEO TOOLS www.spyfu.com / www.similarweb.com
In this SEO Tool if you put one competing web site it will show other top competing websites (find the top-ranking keyword of all competitor). Chose a competitor with a global rank (20000-50000) (as shown in tools(www.similarweb.com))

Search Engines

All search engines will have the auto-suggest and related title as shown in below index. normally google will give only for India to check in common use URL www.google.com/ncr. Search in France goes to www.google.fr . Find same on Bing also so we can have a set of different keyword from google
When we search in google it will show related title Auto Suggest System in all Search Engine (Google, Amazon , Yahoo etc)

Keyword Tools

There are many keyword tools available in the market for free as well as paid. The following keyword tools are few best keyword suggestion tools in the market

How to use the Keywords

After finding hands full of keywords apply the below formula and follow the principle to get better ranking
Sprinkle the keyword don’t load the continues keyword
Make good content and load the keyword in the flow
Use keywords in Post, Social Media, Description, Title, Image, every possible situation

Keyword Formula

  • Search volume –greater than 1000

  • position – less than 20

  • difficulty less than 40

filter all in excel and find the best keywords. This formula will help in picking the winning keyword for the website

Steps to Form Long Tail Keyword

The following is the brainstorming strategy used to get the maximum number of long-tail keywords.
1. Best / Top / Top Rated / Top 10 / New __________
2. _____ Review
3. Where to buy _____
4. Cheap / Lowest price / Discount / Deals / Luxury / expensive _______
5. _____on sale
6. _____ under 10000 (price)
7. _____ vs _____
8. How to ____________

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