search engine optimization

What is SEO?

It is the organic process of bringing traffic to your website by ranking in search engines SEO is not one time work it’s an Ongoing Process

What is Search Engine?

Search engine is platform Shows most relevant Topics related to our requirement. When a person enters the search term in a search engine the program will automatically trigger content relevant to the search term is also called a keyword. Search Engines are software programmed to do the following tasks


bot or spiders this system uses to find the new content or new page


all crawled pages will be aligned with the best Relevant content


All indexed pages aligned by relevant words on the page, fresh content, Backlinks, Age etc

How Search Engine views website?

Search engine always looks the page in coding
• Use the title as a major keyword it helps the search engine to find what page is about
• Content and description with relevant keywords or terms that customer search (speak in customer language)
• Give a proper name to the image (Don’t use -> image.jpg)
• Use “alt tag” to describe what the image about


SEO is a major part of Digital Marketing. To create a Proper structure, we classify It into Three Major types. It represents Steps to be followed for a proper website

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO deals with
keyword research
URL Structure
of the website, to improve CTR (click-through rate).

Keywords are the phrase are a word that people use to find or bring traffic to the site.

Content includes Heading, Sub Heading, Image, Paragraph all the relevant information that we use in the website and as well ensure there are no duplicate content or broken link /page. We need to use authoring high-quality content for the website. SE won’t look the image as we see for them it's coding

  • Give a proper name to the image (Don’t use -> image.jpg)

  • Use “alt tag” to describe what the image about

  • Readability a 6th or 8th grad student must read

  • Meta title & Meta Description are the first face of GSRP

  • Domain +URL authority (domain with higher SEO visibility) load faster

URL Structure When Users are visiting our website is supposed to be in memory. A customized URL structure will help you optimize your site and make it easier for your leads to remembering your site

  • Short URL rank on top

  • Google will not rank if the URL has unnecessary name and space (instead of space give – or _ symbol)

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO are external factors that influence our site. Link Building, Social Media, Guest Blogging, Review, Articles, Etc These external factors will help in ranking our page in Search Engines
One more important point to be noted is relevancy. All your external link supposed to be related to your site. The article that provides backlink should relevant to your service. Link suppose to be very slandered. It helps to find the value of the website. The Links are two types

Do follow If link juice pass from one site to another site then it called Do follow. E.g. “DB” is a big blog and “DM” is our web site and “DB” write an article related to the business structure of “DM”. and provide a DO FOLLOW link. DB is giving some of its value to DM
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No follow if the link juice is not passed then it is no followed. The value-form DB is not transferred
BeeHome Digital Marketing

  • first increase the number of backlinks from high authority domains

  • The highly engaging content in the website will rank more even low authority backlinks

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involve in optimizing the backend of our website.
Page speed
Crawling and Indexing
Sitemap XML
Most important part of the Technical SEO is Page Speed. loading time should be below 2 sec to 3 sec if its above 40% customer will be lost. Don’t use external Assets too much it will down the speed. We can monitor the page speed In Google Page Speed Insights
Site Map this helps search engine to find the number of pages that are linked with your domain. Every search engine has a way to update our site map.

Principles of SEO

The following are the SEO technics followed by a digital marketer. These are classified under terms of Search Engine Guideline


White hat is one of the best ways to improve the ranking of website it takes time but it follows the proper way and guideline of search engine. Don’t pay and get backlinks. Some tools can provide many numbers of backlinks but the links are submitted in irrelevant sites. which is against search engine guideline


Black Hat SEO from the name itself shows completely against Search Engine policy. It exploited the search engine algorithm. Black hat SEO may give short term result but it hurts the business in the long-term
Spam Link & Buying links
Keyword stuffing & Using irrelevant popular keywords
Hidden links
Copying content


Grey HAT SEO neither white hat nor black Hat stands in the middle of both the terms. It's not good for business but it’s also not listed in Bad area Link exchanges
Paid reviews
The above two terms are given in the Grey area and for understanding. While running a business whenever planning to take a short cut it will end up in the dead end. It can lead to negative effects that hurt your business rather than help it.

The above article gives you a good idea about What is SEO?
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